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Building Together


At Momentum Hockey, we look to partner with athletes who demonstrate strong character and determination, and high quality, down to earth families. We are very selective in the group of athletes we choose to partner with, and we ensure that they all look forward to the day-to-day challenges of being a hockey player. While the road to professional hockey is a long one with many obstacles along the way, our team is readily available to help our athletes and their families in each phase of their development. The support offered by Momentum’s hockey operations staff is unparalleled in the industry, allowing our athletes to enjoy their success and focus on improving their game. We leverage our extensive networks and partnerships to ensure that our athletes are given all the tools needed to achieve their goals. As a team that prides itself on thinking outside of the box and providing the best servicing in the industry, we look forward to partnering with the next wave of elite hockey players and helping them maximize their potential.

With relationships built on a foundation of trust, the families we partner with know that they are not just clients, but part of Momentum’s extended family.