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Contract Negotiation

From professional advice for their annual budgets, savings and investments, credit lines and taxes, to more specialized advice for tax planning strategies and structures, Momentum is always there to assist its clients wherever they may be.

Our certified accounting experts provide solutions to our players’ immediate questions. We have a unique and personalized approach for all of our clients, whether they are Canadian, American or European citizens and/or residents. Our devoted team helps each one of our athletes achieve significant tax savings by taking into consideration all aspects of their compensation, bonuses and other aspects of their personal situation.

Athlete Marketing


In an ever-changing and developing hockey world, new marketing opportunities are now more present in today’s sporting industry.

Momentum’s passionate and creative athlete marketing team has the ability to find new and innovative business opportunities for its clients. With strong relationships with many prestigious companies in Canada and in the United States, Momentum works hard to find the best available options for its clients, making sure they share the same value as the brand they are proudly endorsing.

Success on-ice often brings success off-ice, and Momentum is always looking for new ways to market its players and help them contribute to the growth of the best brands the industry has to offer.

Media & PR Education


Thanks to rapid technological advancements, particularly in social media, the way a player deals with the media can vastly change how he is perceived by both the sporting world and the general public. With outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it has become increasingly important that a player is comfortable handling the media properly and professionally. Momentum works with each of its clients to educate them on how to best use the different media outlets available and how to work in collaboration with the media to help increase their brand value and reputation.

Our coaching services, as well as our outstanding know-how on the field, help our players to work with the team liaison and press members for quality interviews and other facets of the profession. From any major events they are participating in, to the day-to-day sport media requirements, our players are always prepared and well-spoken.