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Financial Management

At Momentum, it is vital that we help our players and their families make informed decisions so they can achieve their financial objectives. That is why our highly qualified professionals provide expert advice to our players on all aspects of their wealth management, from building it to preserving it, so they can reach, and even succeed, their financial goals.

Our team of experts works closely with our clients. By sharing a common goal, we ensure our players truly understand all their financial options so we can provide them with the best accounting and legal advice before they make any small or major investments. Earning significant income can be an overwhelming experience, but we believe that by educating our players, they will better comprehend the tailored solutions proposed to fit their specific needs.

Tax Planning

From professional advice for their annual budgets, savings and investments, credit lines and taxes, to more specialized advice for tax planning strategies and structures, Momentum is always there to assist its clients wherever they may be.

Our certified accounting experts provide solutions to our players’ immediate questions. We have a unique and personalized approach for all of our clients, whether they are Canadian, American or European citizens and/or residents. Our devoted team helps each one of our athletes achieve significant tax savings by taking into consideration all aspects of their compensation, bonuses and other aspects of their personal situation.

Estate Planning


Momentum has partnered with a number of highly skilled local and international experts to allow each of our clients and their family members to have all their future goals met in terms of estate planning and overall strategies. We recognize the importance of making good decisions and it’s the reason why our experts work hard to find the best financial products based on each client’s objectives and personal situations. Momentum’s specialists constantly monitor any changes made in the fields of tax and estate law so that the efficiency of our clients’ plans are always maximized.