Momentum Hockey is a Player Management Group that is unmatched in providing elite level services and development for its clients in this forever changing industry.

The Momentum team prides itself on its service to its clients and their families, and is always there to guide, assist, and provide vital information regarding all facets in the hockey industry.  Our clients have access to the best tools the hockey world has to offer, from contract negotiations, athlete marketing, media education programs, in season and off season training programs, nutrition, and beyond.

Momentum is not only inventive in finding new ways to help clients develop as athletes but as well ensuring all players have every opportunity to excel at each level. With new training strategies, marketing opportunities, innovative contracts, and new on ice methods, Momentum is always finding new and exciting ways to push the envelope and leading the way in how the player management business operates.

What separates Momentum Hockey from other groups in the business is our unique personal approach with our clients and their families, and making sure no stone is left uncovered in finding all the best ways to help its players reach the highest goals they set out for themselves as athletes and academics. Our Team we will do whatever it takes to make sure we are not only leading the way in the industry but as well our clients are the doing the same.  The Momentum is changing and rising quickly!

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