Client Commitment

Momentum Hockey allows its clients to achieve peace of mind by providing them outstanding customer services and trusted advice for all their personalized solutions so they can meet all their goals. We are committed to our players’ best interests because we care about them as athletes but more importantly as people. Momentum is proud to offer its clients unmatched services in the industry specially designed to exceed all their expectations. Momentum goes through an individual process with each player and meets with each client and family so that they can outline career goals, both athletically and academically; go over training, nutrition, and draft preparation, NCAA clearing house and rules, contract process and all items pertaining to an athlete going from a young player to becoming a professional athlete.

Personalized Management Solutions

At Momentum, we always put our clients’ needs first because we sincerely care about them and their family. In fact, we build our day-to-day life around a group of very strong values so we can develop a great relationship by working together with our players, as a team and as an extension of the family. Our promise to our players is to provide them unmatched services in the industry, period. When a client joins Momentum we sit down as a group and go over all items revolving around what will get them to the next level of hockey and life skills that they will carry onto each stage of their lives, as a person and as a pro. Being an elite athlete is a process and takes time, work, and guidance, and our group of professionals will ensure each client is shown and taught how to be a pro, how to work like a pro, and how to carry and act like a professional in all facets of their lives.

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Disciplined & Optimized Approach

To achieve what you aim for in hockey and in life, you need constant discipline and total dedication to your goals. Momentum understands that by delivering proactive advice with a unique integrated approach based on project management and strategic steps it will further the opportunities of our athletes. We monitor all steps of the process for our clients so we can help them control their own destiny and give our players every chance to achieve their goals.

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Team of Experts

Momentum has a creative and innovative team of specialists who provide top quality advice so our clients can access the best resources they require when they need it. Our all-star experts elaborate the necessary course of actions to achieve our players’ goals within a detailed project plan so every team member can obtain the specific results and measurable improvements on time. With every player there are different options to be taken and different paths to go down, and Momentum has a team that can cover all needs for each client. Whether the player plays Major Junior, USHL, NCAA, US Development Program, or Junior Hockey to get there, each path can lead to professional hockey, and Momentum has the group that can work with each client to ensure all questions are answered and each path that is chosen can be the right one for the client and his family.

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Our Trusted Advice

Momentum clients capture the added value from our knowledge because we have a systematic and proven process that manage what we know so we can keep our clients on track. We are the new generation in the industry and we vow an unconditional respect to the tradition of hockey. Integrity is a much used word in the industry and not an action that is always followed by everyone, however Momentum promises all the clients we work with the outmost Integrity with each individual and ensure the company's core values are always used in every process. We understand that evolution comes from innovation, and that’s mostly why we assembled an expert team with unique know-how, know-why and know-what so we can make our clients benefit from our trusted advice when they require it.

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