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Player Development


Momentum’s philosophy is that our players must become athletes off the ice before they can become the best on the ice. Recent history has shown us that with strong off-ice conditioning, hard work, dedication and a strong commitment to their goals, our players will maximize their odds of reaching their full potential.

Thanks to our research and development, as well as partnering with some of the best strength & conditioning and skills coaches in the industry, our players are performing better than ever.

Draft Preparation


In order to maintain strong and consistent performance over the course of a long and rigorous hockey season, it’s vital that athletes understand their body’s unique needs to optimize both performance and recovery.

Momentum has partnered with several specialists in the field to ensure that our athletes understand how to properly fuel and recharge their bodies. Our goal is to not only help our athletes get in the best shape possible to perform on the ice, but also to help increase their energy levels and maximize productivity in their day-to-day lives, improve mental sharpness and immune function, and reduce stress.

Performance Optimization & Recovery


From professional advice for their annual budgets, savings and investments, credit lines and taxes, to more specialized advice for tax planning strategies and structures, Momentum is always there to assist its clients wherever they may be.

Our certified accounting experts provide solutions to our players’ immediate questions. We have a unique and personalized approach for all of our clients, whether they are Canadian, American or European citizens and/or residents. Our devoted team helps each one of our athletes achieve significant tax savings by taking into consideration all aspects of their compensation, bonuses and other aspects of their personal situation.