The Hockey Operations Team, complemented by our Associates, provides Momentum’s elite athletes and their families with full service representation combined with a unique and personalized approach. Our organization boasts experts in contract negotiation, player development, draft preparation, financial management, tax planning, athlete marketing, and legal and medical affairs, accompanied by extensive networks in all major North American hockey leagues, including the NHL, the CHL and the NCAA. The aptitudes and strengths of each member of the Momentum Team are exceeded only by their commitment and dedication to providing unmatched services to their clients.

Hockey Operations

Christian Daigle

NHLPA Certified Agent / Shareholder
Christian is an NHLPA Certified Agent with over ten years of experience representing and developing elite hockey players. In 2011, he chose to embark on a new challenge and founded Momentum Hockey. Quick to gain traction, Momentum Hockey already represents...

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Jason Harshaw

NHLPA Certified Agent
Jason is an NHLPA Certified Agent and is a Partner in Momentum Hockey, with over eight years of experience in representing the interests of elite hockey players.  Having been with Momentum since its inception in 2011, Jason now manages the...

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Emilie Castonguay

NHLPA Certified Agent / Director of Legal Affairs & Hockey Operations
In Emilie’s role as Director of Legal Affairs & Hockey Operations, her duties include contract preparation, litigation, interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, negotiating endorsement deals, recruitment of potential clients, preparing insurance contracts and player development. She regularly deals with...

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Olivier Fortier

Player Advisor / Player Development
Olivier is a former professional hockey player who joined Momentum as a family advisor and member of its Player Development Team. He was a 2007 NHL 3rd round pick (65th overall) of the Montreal Canadiens and played four years with...

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Scott Deady

Player Advisor / U.S. Operations
Scott is a Player Advisor and manages the agency’s Chicago office, handling player recruitment and advancement for Momentum across the United States. The strength of Scott’s career has always been the strong relationships he has built with both the clients...

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Danny Shakibaian

Communications & Branding Consultant
In his role as the Communications and Branding Consultant, Danny is responsible for maintaining Momentum’s website and social media platforms, as well as special projects. He joined Momentum Hockey with several years of experience in corporate communications and investor relations...

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